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Welcome, My hobby is collecting   Classic (some are famous) Old-time Radio programs (OTR) and Serials from the past, popular during the Golden Age of radio  ( 20's, 30's, 40's & 50's ) on CD in the mp3 format. In an effort to keep the costs down on these broadcasts I have added large collections on DVD as well as the traditional collections offered on CD both in the mp3 format.  Categories include mystery, detective, drama, comedy, serial, variety and western.  I started listening to some of these shows in the late forties. 

Programs  like:


Some of the titles below are clickable or you can go to the show categories above and click on them


Abbott & Costello, Adventures by Morse, Aldrich Family, Cisco Kid, All Star Western Theater, Jack Benny, Black Museum, Crime Club, Bold Venture, Box 13, Calling All Cars, Captain Midnight, The Avenger, Gunsmoke, Chandu, The Chase, Counter Spy, Dimension  X, Ellery Queen, Johnny Dollar, Dangerous Assignment, Escape, Falcon, Fatman, Father Knows Best Fibber McGee & Molly Flash Gordon, Fort Laramie, The Clock, Frank Race, Frontier Gentlemen, Gangbusters, Gildersleeve, Harry Lime,  Haunting Hour, Honest Harold, Have Gun Will Travel,  Hopalong Cassidy, Hop Harrigan, Burns & Allen, I Love a Mystery, I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again, Information Please, Jungle Jim, Let George Do It, Life of Riley, Groucho, Jimmy Allen, Life With Luigi, Lum and Abner, Lights Out, Mail Call, My Friend Irma, Red Ryder,

Red Skelton, Mr. District Attorney, Michael Shayne,  Mr. District Attorney, Michael Shayne, Maisie, Murder at Midnight, My Favorite Husband, Mystery is my Hobby, Mysterious Traveler, Nightbeat, Night watch, Nick Carter, Our Miss Brooks, Ozzie & Harriet, Pat Novak, Perry Mason, Philo Vance, Quiet Please, The Saint, Sam Spade, The Shadow, Speed Gibson, Richard Diamond, Scotland Yard, Buck Rogers, Incredible But True, Story Lady, Suspense, Dragnet, Rocky Fortune, Rocky Jordan, WWll & News,  Weird Circle,  X Minus One, Lone Ranger, Zero Hour, Bob Hope, The Whistler, Texas Rangers, Sealed Book, Sherlock Holmes, radio Soaps, Big Swing Band Music,


Because these shows are recorded in the mp3 format, I can put approximately 50 hours of audio on a single CD. As you browse through my collection you can see the number of programs (episodes) on each CD.


In 2006 I took a road trip from California to the East Coast and listened to a single CD and never heard the same show twice. When you compare how much you can put on a CD in mp3 as compared to a 90 minute cassette tape the value of getting these collections on CD is obvious. In addition, if you like using an mp3 player instead of a CD mp3 player, you can do that too. It is simply drag and drop. Putting the CD in to your computer CD drawer and plugging in your mp3 player to your computer. Then go to my computer and drag the episodes from your CD to your mp3 player and you're ready to listen to the shows on your mp3 player.


Support.......If you are a first time visitor (senior citizen or baby boomer)  to this OTR (Old Time Radio)  radio Mystery site and a little cautious try my sampler site. If you have questions about anything you find on this site please email me or send me your phone number and I will call you a on my nickel. Either way I will get you an answer to your question.


You can pay with Cash or Money Order. If you want to use a credit card  You can go to the "All Shows" page or click on the show categories at the top of this page below the banner.

Paying by Cash or Money Order- Please email me with the shows you want and I will send you a return email with the total cost and my address.  When I receive your order, if you have included your email address, I will email you to let you know I have received it and when it will be shipped.

About Downloading  OTR audio files

There are pros & cons about downloading these shows from OTR Websites that offer downloading as the only method of obtaining the program. Yes, they may be low cost but you, in many cases, get what you pay for. It takes time to download the shows and you risk getting spyware from some websites. These websites sometimes offer a file with a low bit rate to keep the file small ( for server storage and quicker download time ) this can result in a low audio quality. The benefits of buying these shows on a disc are many, i.e. higher bit rate, better sound quality not to mention that you won't have to tie your computer up for long periods of downloading. Also you will have these old radio shows forever on disc.   Shipping is fast, usually 3 days anywhere in the USA.


Are you retired or retiring soon and thinking about starting your own online Old Time Radio Show internet business? You can buy these shows all over the internet one CD at a time and pay between 3K to 5k for enough shows to attract buyers or you can buy the Gigantic Old Time Radio Show Collection here for $149 and get nearly 47,000 episodes on 19 DVDs. Then all you need is a website and you're in business. Think about it.


If you have any questions about setting up a trade or making a purchase or if you have suggestions to help me make this site work better for you, please email me.


You can click any  of the available links, found at the top of every page,  for a complete list of available OTR Radio shows by category.


If you are interested in the history of old time radio shows you can go here. This will give you a one page review of what OTR was like back in the 1920's, 1930's and 40's.


Audio CDs...If you would rather have shows made available in the CDA format (CDs that will play on any CD player) you can email me and I will provide this service at the same price as the $7 mp3 CDs. You need to know that the CDA format makes much larger files so therefore the number of shows per CD would be reduced. Let me know via email if you are interested in this service


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Thank you and I hope you enjoy this site.

Mike @ 40s Radio Mysteries



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