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Bergen & McCarthy

It's hard to believe that a boy born in Chicago to Swedish immigrant parents who grew up on a dairy farm Edgar Bergen would, after fifteen years of vaudeville and nightclubs, become an overnight sensation on the radio as a ventriloquist. More amazing still, Charlie McCarthy was supposed to be a boy, yet he wore a tuxedo complete with top hat and monocle, and seemed to be from England. At least, that's the way it seemed. The whole thing was really wacky, but it worked. Why? Because any one who knows Bergen and McCarthy knew they were really funny, sometimes a little bit ribald, but always two lines away from another joke. Oh, Charlie was insulting, too. While Charlie McCarthy was making his irrepressible wisecracks, Edgar Bergen seemed as surprised and amused as anyone else


Show # of Shows Cost  
Edgar Bergen & Charlie McCarthy 65 $7



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