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Blondie & Dagwood

The Blondie radio show was originally intended as a summer replacement series for the Eddie Cantor Show. That series did not return in the fall and the sponsor, Camel Cigarettes, decided to keep Blondie on the air!

The Blondie radio show eventually inspired the Blondie TV Show in 1957. Arthur Lake returned in his role as Dagwood and a new actress, Pamela Briton, played the role of Blondie. Unfortunately, the series only remained on the air for 8 months and 26 episodes! Another Blondie TV series in 1968 starred Will Hutchins and Patricia Harty and survived only 4 months on the air.

If you're not old enough to remember Penny Singleton as Blondie, you have probably at least heard her voice. She provided the voice of Jane Jetson on the cartoon series, "The Jetsons". Oh ... by the way, Penny was naturally a redhead!


Show # of Shows Cost  
Blondie & Dagwood 36 $7



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