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Giant Drama 4 DVD Set


This is a great set of 4 DVDs with nearly 11,500 episodes of  many of the popular Drama radio shows of the 40s and 50s.

These episodes are recorded in the mp3 format. They will play on your computer, some stand alone DVD players and Mp3 players.

These files can be dragged and dropped on to your hard drive and burned to CD or dropped on to a portable mp3 player.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to email me. I will help you any way I can.

 Below are some of the program titles in this collection.

Academy Award Theater
Adventures By Morse
Adventures in Research
Adventures Of Ace Williams
Adventures Of Champion
Against The Storm
Air Adventures Of Jimmy Allen
Anne Of The Airlines
Arch Oboler's Plays
Armed Forced Vietnam
Author's Playhouse
Big Jon And Sparkie
Big Town
Blackstone The Magican
Bold Venture
Box 13
Buck Rogers
Campbell Playhouse
Captain Midnight
Cavalcade Of America
Challenge Of-Sgt. Preston Of The Yukon
Chandu The Magician
Corsican Brothers
Cruise Of The Poll Parrot
Damon Runyon Theatre
Dangerously Yours
Destination Freedom
Dimension X
Dr. Christian

A float With Henry Morgan
Blue Beetle
Columbia Workshop
Father Coughlin
Flash Gordon
Ford Theatre Of The Air
Front Page Drama
Future Tense
Grand Marquee
Hallmark Playhouse
Heartbeat Theater
Hollywood Star Playhouse
Hop Harrigan
Humphrey Bogart
I Love Adventure
Jack Armstrong All American Boy
Jerry Of Fair Oaks
Jerry Of The Circus
Jonathan Thomas And His Christmas On The Moon
Jungle Jim
Let's Pretend
Little Orphan Annie
Lux Radio Theatre

Ma Perkins
Mercury Theatre

Family Doctor
Family Theater
Fantastic Four
Fifth Horseman
Fighting AAF

Adventure Theater
Agent K-7
Fire Fighters
General Mills Radio Adventure Theatre
Hancock's Half Hour
Horatio Hornblower
Leo Is On The Air
Philco Radio Time
Sleepy Joe
Soap Operas
The Dean Martin - Jerry Lewis Show
The Goon Show
The Home Front
The Shadow Of Fu Manchu
The Story Of Dr. Kildare
The Unexpected
Tom Corbett Space Cadet
Treasury Star Parade
Vic And Sade
Voyage Of The Scarlet Queen
Words At War
World Adventurers Club
World War II Broadcasts
X Minus 1
Yankee Yarns

The Avengers
Encore Theater

Dr. Kildare


Magic Island
Moon Over Africa
Moon Over Morocco
Moon River
Mr. President
Music And The Muse
NBC Short Story
NBC University Theatre
One Man's Family
Proudly We Hail
Radio City Playhouse
Readers Digest
Romance Of Helen Trent
Scarlet Pimpernel
Screen Director's Playhouse
Screen Guild Players Radio Show
Sears Radio Theater
Shadow Of Fu Man Chu
Silver Theatre
Skippy Hollywood Theatre
Sky King
Smilin Eds Buster Brown Gang
Soldiers Of The Press
Space Patrol
Speed Gibson
Tailspin Tommy
Terry And The Pirates
The Avenger
The Guiding Light



# of Shows Cost  
Giant Drama Collection  4 DVD Set 11,484 $59.00



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