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Horror Show Collection on 2 DVDs

For more than half of a century radio has tried to scare us by simply asking us to turn up the volume and turn off the lights and then listen to eerie tales like these programs listed below;

Over 3,000 episodes on these 2 DVDs

Below are some of the program titles in this collection.

Afraid of the Dark
Afternoon Theater
Aliens in the Mind
Black Book
Black Chapel
Black Mass
Box 13
Cabin B13
Creaking Door
Dark Destiny
Dark Fantasy
Dark Shadows
Diary of Fate
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Dr. Who
Dracula Collection
Hall of Fantasy
Haunting Hour
Head Hunters
Hermits Cave
Hidden Truth
House of Secrets
Inner Sanctum
Ghost Shows
Halloween Programs


Haunted Tales of the Supernatural
Lights Out


Midnight Mass
Night of the Living Dead
Origin of Superstition
Out of the Night
Phantom Pirate
Price of Fear
Vincent Price
Quiet Please

Ripley Mysteries
Secrets of Witchcraft
Sealed Book

Sleep No More
Strange Dr. Weird
Tales from the Tomb
Temple of Vampires
The Clock
The Clutching Hand
The Weird Circle
The Chase
What If
Witches Tales


Show Title

# of Shows Cost  
Giant Horror Show Collection on 2 DVDs 3,023 $39.00


These episodes are recorded in the mp3 format. They will play on your computer, some stand alone DVD players, and Mp3 players.

These files can be dragged and dropped on to your hard drive and burned to CD or dropped on to a portable mp3 player.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to email me. I will help you any way I can.



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