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Old Time Radio Show Collections on DVD

These shows are provided on DVD to reduce the cost per show. DVDs may or may not play on your stand alone DVD player. They will play on your computer and can be burned to CD on your computer right from the DVD or can be dragged from the DVD to your hard drive where CDs can be burned to play in your players or dragged to your mp3 players.

This  19 DVD collection contains the programs found in the 6 collections below. This collection if purchased on CD would be in the neighborhood of 400 CDs and at an average cost of $7.00 per CD (at this and other Otr websites)  this would be an approximate value of $2800.00. Although you can buy the individual collections on DVD that make up this Gigantic Collection and doing so you would spend $304.00. By buying the entire collection in one purchase at $149.00 you will save half this cost.

These episodes are recorded in the mp3 format. These files can be dragged and dropped on to your hard drive and burned to CD or dropped on to a portable mp3 player.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to email me. I will help you any way I can.

You can see shows in this gigantic collection by clicking on each individual collection and going to each page






Old Time Radio Show Collections on DVD

click on the titles below and go to the page to see what is in collection

Number of Shows in Collection Cost of complete collections Number of DVDs in  Collection
Giant Comedy Collection      << click here 15,000 episodes $79.00 6
Giant Drama Collection      << click here 11,484 episodes $59.00 4
Giant Mystery Collection       << click here 6,575 episodes $49.00 3
Giant Detective Collection  << click here 5,080


$39.00 2
Giant Western Collection      << click here 5,400


$39.00 2
Giant Horror Show Collection      << click here  3023 episodes $39.00 2
Gigantic Otr Collection   Contains the above collections 46,562


$149.00 19





Show Title

# of Shows Cost  
Gigantic Otr Collection 46,562 $149.00





Over 100,000 Episodes in My Collection





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