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The Alan Young Show

Once described in TV Guide as "The Charlie Chaplin of Television," Alan Young is an Emmy Award winner, a commercial artist, writer of six sitcoms and one animated feature. Best known as Mister Ed's "buddy boy" Wilbur Post, Young was born in England on November 19, 1919, and began his acting career at age 12.
Alan Young learned the radio craft in Canada and broke into American Radio after being fired from his first Canadian show Stag Party after asking for pay higher than the $15 per week he was earning. After working on a summer show for Eddie Cantor, Young earned his own show, The Alan Young Show, combining situation comedy and hilarious gags. He ventured into TV with television version The Alan Young Show which won him an Emmy in 1951.
Then along came a talking horse. Mister Ed premiered in 1961. George Burns, producer of the show, was behind the decision to cast Young. Said George, "Alan was the type of man that a horse would want to talk to."


Show # of Shows Cost  
The Alan Young Show 48 $7.00


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