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Bogart Collection

This collection give everybody the chance to hear that great Bogart voice again, and enjoy just how special his acting was. Incidentally, while serving in the U.S. Navy after getting kicked out of Andover Academy, he was wounded in the shelling of the USS. Leviathan. The resulting partial facial paralysis caused by his wounds gave him that signature vocal and facial style he is known for.
Bogart on the radio, circa 1940
Lux Radio Theater was the premier Hollywood old time radio show, and featured the major stars in their film roles. We have several of Bogie's greatest roles here, including a rehearsal for Bullets or Ballots. (That's the 1936 crime film classic with Edward G. Robinson and Joan Blondell). Screen Guild Players did much the same, and again, Bogie gives us more of what we know Bogie for.


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Bogart Collection 54 $7



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