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I have listed my audio book collection here. The titles below are in the mp3 format. These books are listed here for cataloging purposes only.


Agatha Christie Book Titles
Alvin Schwartz Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark
Anne McCaffrey Runner Of Pern
Anne McCaffrey The Unicorn Girl
Anne McCaffrey Acorna"s People
Anne McCaffrey Masterharper Of Pern
Anne Rice Blackwood Farm
Clive Cussler Book Titles
C.S. Lewis Screw Tape Letters
Dana Stabenow Nothing Gold Can Stay
Dana Stabenow So Sure of Death
Dana Stabenow A Cold Blooded Business
Dana Stabenow A Cold Day for Murder
Dana Stabenow Play with Fire
Dana Stabenow Blood will Tell
Dana Stabenow Break up
Dana Stabenow Midnight Come Again
David Morrell Extreme Denial
Dean Koontz Book Titles
Diane Mott Davidson Cereal Murders
Dick Francis Book Titles
E.W. Hornung Amature Cracksman 
E.W. Hornung  Cracksman; Thief in the Night
E.W. Hornung Further Adventures of the Cracksman
Eric Garcia Anonymous Rex
Franklin Allen Leib Fire Arrow
Frederick Forsyth The Deceiver
Frederick Forsyth The Fourth Protocol
Isaac Asimov Caves of Steel
Isaac Asimov Positronic Man
Isaac Asimov The Foundation Trilogy
Israel Zangwill Big Bow Mystery
James Patterson The 5th Horseman
James Patterson The Big Bad Wolf
James Patterson London Bridges
J. K. Rowling Harry Potter & The Chamber of Secrets
J. K. Rowling Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire
J. K. Rowling The Sorcerers Stone
J. K. Rowling The Prisoner Of Azkaban
J. K. Rowling The Order of the Phoenix
Janet Havanovich Hard Eight
John D. MacDonald Book Titles
John Grisham The Bretheren
John Grisham The Partner
John Grisham The Street Lawyer
John Grisham The Testament
John Grisham The Summons
John Grisham The Rain Maker
John Grisham The Painted House
John Grisham King Of Torts
John Grisham The Runaway Jury
Jonathan Kellerman The Murder Book
Jonathan Kellerman Flesh & Blood
JR Tolkien The Hobbit
JR Tolkien Lord Of The Rings
Ken Follet A Place called Freedom
Larry McMurtry Boone's Lick
Larry McMurtry The Desert Rose
Lee Gruenfeld All Fall Down
Lorenzo Carcaterra Street Boys
Lorenzo Carcaterra Gangster
Louis L'Amour Book Titles
Martha Grimes The Anodyne Necklace
Mary Higgins Clark Silent Night
Mary Higgins Clark You Belong to Me
Mary Higgins Clark Mount Vernon Love Story
Mary Higgins Clark On the Street Where You Live
Mary Higgins Clark Pretend You Don't See Her
Mary Higgins Clark He Sees You When Your Sleeping
Mary Higgins Clark We'll Meet Again
Max Allen Collins Blood & Thunder
Michael Connelly A Darkness More Than Night
Michael Crichton Time Line
Michael Crichton Eaters of the Dead
Michael Robotham Lost
Nelson Demille The Gold Coast
Patricia Cornwell All That Remains
Raymond Chandler The Long Good Bye
Richard Price Clockers
Robert Crais Hostage
Robert Fulghum It Was On Fire When I Lay Down On It
Robert Fulghum All I need to know I learned in Kindergarten
Robert Ludlum Scorpio Illusion
Robert Ludlum The Bourne Identity
Robert Ludlum The Rhinemann Exchange
Robert Ludlum Trevayne
Robert Ludlum Cassandra Compact
Robert Ludlum Hades Factor
Robert Ludlum Holcroft Covenant
Robert Ludlum Matlock Papers
Simon Brett Body On The Beach
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Sherlock Holmes 64 Books
Steve Martini Compelling Evidence
Stephen King Book Titles
Stephen Coontz Hong Kong
Sue Grafton Alphabet Murder Series A Through Q
Tim Lahaye Left Behind Book 1
Tim Lahaye Left Behind Book 2
Tim Lahaye Left Behind Book 3
Tim Lahaye Left Behind Book 4
Tim Lahaye Left Behind Book 5
Tim Lahaye Left Behind Book 6
Tim Lahaye Left Behind Book 7
Tim Lahaye Left Behind Book 8
Tim Lahaye Left Behind Book 9
Tom Clancy Book Titles
Tony Hillerman The First Eagle
Tony Hillerman Wailing Wind


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