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The Cisco Kid

Broadcast constantly sometimes once a week sometimes 3 times a week By Mutual, between 1942 and 1956.

Western Drama mainly for the young ones or maybe just the young at heart. I say the young at heart, because The Cisco Kid and his likeable but simple partner Pancho were a couple of lovable rogues and because there was usually a lovely senorita around in every episode who fell madly in love with Cisco, there may well have been an element of lady listeners included in the audience rating figures.

Here they were, these two Mexican bandits, travelling from sunset to sunset (because that’s where they always road off to at the end of each episode) robbing the rich, but I wouldn’t say giving it to the poor. At least they did it in a kind and humorous way. It was more a question of the victim being relieved of the heavy burden of his or her riches, rather than having some of their prized possessions taken away from them.

Half the fun in the series was listening to Pancho try to explain in his simple Mexican way that the sheriff’s posse was hard on their heels and to quote him, "Ceesco, eef they catch up with us, perhaps they weel keel us."

At the beginning The Cisco Kid was played by Jackson Beck then later Jack Mather took over the role. Whilst Pancho was played first by Louis Sorin then by Harry Lang. Originally the Announcer was Michael Rye and the Director Jock McGregor and during the days of Jack Mather and Harry Lang the Producer was J. C. Lewis


Show # of Shows Cost  
The Cisco Kid 1 104 $7
The Cisco Kid 2 65 $7


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