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Crime Does Not Pay

CRIME DOES NOT PAY  was a series based on short films of the same name
produced by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.  It was similar to Gangbusters,
having a moralistic message about the law and lawbreaker.  It was
first heard over WMGM (NYC), hosted by Donald Buka.  The last original
show aired on Apr. 11, 1951.
The series started on Monday evenings at 7:30 PM (on WMGM) and held
that time/day spot until Oct. 30, 1950.  The 56'th show marked a
change to Wednesday night, again at 7:30.  After show number 78 (Apr.
11, 1951) the shows were repeated, starting with the first, "Kid With
a Gun".  The repeats followed the original order up until repeat of
number 26, "Ingenious Woman" on Oct. 10, 1951.  Repeats were not
uncommon.  Even before the last original show, older shows were
repeated on alternate dates to the main series run.
On Jan. 7, 1952, the series moved to Mutual but lasted just one year.
Only repeats of the original series were aired and show ordering did
not match the first run.  The show was heard on Dec. 22, 1952.


Title # of Shows Cost  
Crime Does Not Pay 59 $7.00



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