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Damon Runyan Theater

THE DAMON RUNYON THEATRE brought the works of Damon (Alfred) Runyon
(1884-1946) to radio, remaining true to his stylized, idiomatic way
of telling tales of New York's underworld.  The series was syndicated
nationwide after it premiered on the West Coast (under Mayfair

The story teller in Mr. Runyon's original works was unnamed.  In
this adaptation, he was given the name "Broadway".  Broadway not only
recounts the tale, but in many of the shows, is directly involved in
the action.  Broadway's stories had plenty of warmth and appeal and
were told in his thick Brooklyn accent.  This series utilized the
audio art of dialect humor.

Broadway was played by John Brown.  Supporting members of the cast
were frequently actors well known to the radio audience, such as
Frank Lovejoy, Allen Reed, Gerald Mohr, Eddie Mar, Louis Van Rooten
and William Conrad.


Show # of Shows Cost  
Damon Runyan Theater 52 $7



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