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Below are the old radio show Detective titles I have collected. You can click on these titles and go directly to their page and read a little about the show and order the CDs if you want. Many of these CDs have 30 to 50 hours of old radio audio on them for $7.00 per CD. This is a great value when compared to cassette tape or spending hours trying to down load these collections from websites. If you are curious try a Sampler, I have 5 to choose from.

Barry Craig Confidential Investigator Calling All Cars Sherlock Holmes
Ellery Queen The Falcon The Fatman
Jeff Regan Mr. District Attorney Mr. Keen Tracer of Lost Persons
Mr. & Mrs North Michael Shayne Dick Tracy
Nightbeat Night Watch Nick Carter
Pat Novak Perry Mason Philip Marlowe
Philo Vance Richard Diamond Rocky Jordan
Sam Spade Scotland Yard Sampler CDs
Yours Truly Johnny Dollar Dragnet Rocky Fortune
The Saint Gangbusters Giant Detective Collection 
Giant Collection Gigantic Collection Agatha Christie Radio Plays

You can pay with Cash or Money Order. If you want to use a credit card  You can click on the titles above or go to the "All Shows" page.

Paying by Cash or Money Order- Please email me with the shows you want and I will send you a return email with the total cost and my address.


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