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Duffy's Tavern

First heard as a audition/test program on the CBS series Forecast, 07/29/40.  The series became a regular on the CBS line up on 03/01/41 and aired for three seasons ending on 06/20/42.  Sponsorship for the first two seasons was by Schick.  Sanka paid the bills for the third season.  The series then moved to the Blue network from 10/06/42 through 06/27/44, sponsored by Ipana.    From 09/15/44 to 06/29/49, on NBC, Ipana continued it's sponsorship. Blatz sponsored from 09/29/49 through 09/21/50, still on NBC.   The series continued under multiple sponsorships on NBC from 11/10/50 until the "last call" on 01/18/52.  Ed Gardner played Archie, the manager of Duffy's Tavern.   Many guest stars appeared in the Tavern.


Show # of Shows Cost  
Duffy's Tavern 81 $7



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