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Frank Race

  (1949 - 50) The Adventures of Frank Race was a syndicated show, out of Bruce Ells Productions in Hollywood, and began airing on radio in the spring of 1949. A total of 43 episodes were produced, broadcast first on the East coast 1949-50, and then on the West coast 1951-52. The title hero was described in the introduction by announcer Art Gilmore with these words: "Before the war, FRANK RACE worked as an attorney, but he traded his law books for the cloak-and-dagger of the OSS. When the war was over, his former life was over too....adventure became his business!"

Although Race ran his investigative business out of a New York City office, he and his sidekick, Mark Donovan, were seldom there. Their pursuit of wrong-doers led them to ex-Nazi jewel robbers in Berlin and Monte Carlo, import thieves in Tunis, etc. Most of his assignments came from international insurance companies thus making Race a combination of James Bond and Johnny Dollar.

Tom Collins played the lead for the first half of the run and then Paul Debrov took his place. Donovan was the voice of Tony Barrett. The series had a repertory cast who could do the international accents required, including Jack Kruschen, Wilms Herbert, Lillian Buyeff, and Harry Lang. Joel Murcott and Buckley Angel shared the writing and directing duties while Ivan Ditmar composed and performed the music on the organ. Since this was a syndicated series, all episodes survived and are in trading currency today.



Show # of Shows Cost  
Frank Race 52 $7



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