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Hop Harrigan

HOP HARRIGAN, who was very successful as a comic book hero (debut: April 1939) proved equally adept when he made his appearance on network radio in August 1942. This popular kids show had no trouble finding sponsors, which over the years included Grape-Nut Flakes and Lever Brothers.

That wonderful, alliterative introduction of this sky hero on radio, "America's Ace of the Airways" was actually coined by his comic book artist/writer, Jon Blummer. It had been used in the comic books for over a year before we heard it on the air. "Hop" was played by Chester Stratton and his side-kick, "Tank Tinker" was the voice of Kenny Lynch. Their announcer was Glenn Riggs.

 From December 1939 to August 1940 we could listen to a radio show about "real" aviators which was produced by Phillips H. Lord. Using a technique borrowed from his other show, GANG BUSTERS, Lord had an actual air-hero. Col. Roscoe Turner, begin the program by interviewing a flier who had an exciting tale to relate.After a quick introduction, the show would segue into a dramatization of the tale, played by radio actors.


Show # of Shows Cost  
Hop Harrigan 73 $7.00



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