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Ordering & Shipping



My collection is available to all collectors on a one for one trade basis. For those of you new to these Old Time Radio Shows and just getting started in acquiring and building a collection, look at my list of available shows. I will copy any  of my collection for you for $7 per CD plus shipping. This covers my time, materials and equipment usage.

You can pay with Cash or Money Order. If you want to use a credit card  You can click on the program categories above or go to the "All Shows" page and click on the add to cart buttons and pay through papal. Please keep in mind I don't accept Echecks.




Paying by Cash or Money Order- Please email me with the shows you want and I will send you a return email with the total cost and my address.  When I receive your order, if you have included your email address, I will email you to let you know I have received it and when it will be shipped.

All Orders for shipment Outside the USA must come in USA currency (cash) or a money order in USA currency.


I ship everything first class or media mail (my choice) within 24 hours (few exceptions). Any orders going outside the USA  has an order minimum of 3 CDs.

Inside the USA the minimum order is 2 CDs.

DVDs have no minimum. Single DVDs can be ordered and shipped alone.



I expect that all customers ordering merchandise from this site to be familiar with their playback devices (what they will & won't play) as I do not refund.  However, if you think that the CDs are damaged or defective please email me within 30 days of your order date to describe the situation. If I can't help you get them to play I will ask you to return them to me. I will then check them. If they are defective I will replace them at once and return them to you and I will pay the postage. If they are found not to be defective I will contact you for return postage. Upon receipt of the postage I will return them to you.


Paying by Cash or Money Order

Please email me with the shows you want and I will send you a return email with the total cost and my address.

Be sure to include 10% shipping and handling inside the USA with your order.
All International orders require 15% shipping & handling with your order



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