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Red Skelton

Comedy (1939 - 53) First heard on Avalon Time from 01/07/39 until 12/20/39 over NBC.  Avalon Time for Avalon Cigarettes, was actually heard from 10/01/38 to 05/01/40.  Red Skelton joined the program in progress and quickly became the main feature of the series.  Red's real life wife, Edna Stillwell Skelton is heard throughout this series as a heckler.  Country singer Red Foley, Dick Todd, Marlin Hurt and Janette Davis are also heard in supporting roles.   Several more series were to followed.  The Raleigh Cigarette Program from 10/07/41 to 06/06/44, and from 12/04/45 to 05/20/49 over NBC.  He then moved to CBS with the sponsorship provided by Norge from 10/02/49 to 06/25/52 and the final move back to NBC, with multiple sponsors, from 09/16/52 to 05/26/53.
Show # of Shows Cost  
Red Skelton 1 83 $7
Red Skelton 2 67 $7


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