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40s Radio Mystery Samplers

40s Radio Sampler CD This CD contains a single episode from nearly every series I have.

Comedy Sampler This sampler contains an assortment of most of  the comedy radio shows I have in my collection

Mystery Sampler This sampler contains an assortment of many of the Mystery and detective radio shows I have in my collection.

Western Sampler This sampler contains and assortment of most of the Radio Westerns

popular during the 30s, 40s and 1950's in my collection.

Variety Mix Sampler This disc contains the following; 8 Obsession episodes, 2 That Brewster Boy episodes, 4 Topper episodes, 6 Unsolved Mystery episodes and 9 Mystery in the Air.

500 Show Mixed Sampler Over 500  old radio shows on this CD. This is a mixed assortment of shows that includes Comedy, Detective, Mystery, Variety, Serial and Western shows.

Sampler #7 A mix of 93 different episodes and show types


Show # of Shows Cost  
Otr 40s Radio Sampler 1 107 $7
Comedy Sampler 2 68 $7
Mystery Sampler 3 84 $7
Western Sampler 4 62 $7
Variety Mix Sampler 5 29 $7
500 Show Mixed Sampler 6 500 $7
Sampler #7 93 $7


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