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Suspense – 1942-1962   Suspense presented plays dealing with life and death situations, but themes were generally realistic, with occasional science-fiction exceptions. At its peak, Suspense was one of radio’s best. Film stars loved it. For the first few years the shows were introduced by “The Man in Black” originally played by Joseph Kearns. Its opening was one of radio’s best-remembered classics; “the hushed voice and the prowling step … the stir of nerves at the ticking of the clock … the rescue that might be too late, or the murderer who might get away … we invite you to enjoy stories that keep you in … Suspense…”


Show # of Shows Cost  
Suspense 5 110 $7
Suspense 6 95 $7
Suspense 7 115 $7
Suspense 8 118 $7
Suspense 9 127 $7
Suspense 10 20 $7
Complete Collection on DVD 930 $20.00


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