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Below are the old radio Variety show  titles I have collected. You can click on these titles and go directly to their page and read a little about the show and order the CDs if you want. Many of these CDs have 30 to 50 hours of old radio audio on them for $7.00 per CD. This is a great value when compared to cassette tape or spending hours trying to down load these collections from websites. If you are curious try a Sampler, I have 5 to choose from.

Big John & Sparkie Incredible But True
Jack Benny Collection Mail Call
Red Skelton Soaps from the 1940s & 50s
Big Swing Bands From the 1940s Information Please
Phil Harris I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again
Bob Hope Sampler CDs
Bing Crosby Show Easy Aces
Otr Commercials 30s, 40s & 50s Christmas Shows
Giant Collection Gigantic Collection
Children's Shows Misc. Variety Shows

You can pay with Cash or Money Order. If you want to use a credit card  You can click on the titles above or go to the "All Shows" page.

Paying by Cash or Money Order- Please email me with the shows you want and I will send you a return email with the total cost and my address.


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